D.81 tarantella query errlog

Displays the error logs of SGD components.


tarantella query errlog
                [ all|xpe|tpe|print|jserver|pemanager|proxy|wm ]
                [ --server arrayhost ]


The following table shows the available options for this command.



all | xpe | tpe | print | jserver | pemanager | proxy | wm

Specifies the component error log to display. Use all, the default, to display all error logs.


Displays error logs from the named SGD server. Use a peer DNS name.

If you omit this option, error logs from all SGD servers in the array are displayed.


To display error log information from the JServer component, make sure the Log Filter attribute on the Global Settings, Monitoring tab of the Administration Console includes at least one filter that outputs to an error.log file. The attribute does include this, by default.


The following example displays all error logs.

$ tarantella query errlog

The following example displays the X Protocol Engine error log on the SGD server newyork.example.com.

$ tarantella query errlog xpe \
--server newyork.example.com