D.84 tarantella restart sgd

Stops and restarts only the SGD server.


tarantella restart sgd [ --warm | --kill ] [ --quiet ]


Stops and restarts the SGD server.

The following table shows the available options for this command.




Kills the process IDs used by SGD services.

Only use this option if you are having difficulty stopping the SGD server by other means.


Does not prompt. Stops SGD services even if users are connected.


Tries a “warm restart” of the SGD server. This restarts the JServer component, without affecting other components.

This has no effect on user sessions or application sessions.

Only use this option if no users can log in to SGD or launch applications and no specific reason is found.


The following example restarts the SGD server, without displaying a confirmation message if users are currently connected.

# tarantella restart sgd --quiet