D.92 tarantella role remove_link

Removes assigned applications links for users occupying particular roles.


tarantella role remove_link { --role obj
                              --link lobj...
                            } | --file file


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Specifies the name of the role object. Use Section D.89, “tarantella role list” to find out the available roles.


Specifies the names of assigned applications links to remove for users occupying the role. For example, o=applications/cn=Indigo Time.


Specifies a file containing a batch of commands to remove assigned applications links of users with a particular role.


Make sure you quote any object names containing spaces, for example, "o=Example Organization".


The following example removes the Write-o-Win application from the assigned applications of members of the Global Administrators role.

$ tarantella role remove_link \
--role "o=Tarantella System Objects/cn=Global Administrators" \
--link "o=applications/cn=Write-o-Win"