D.116 tarantella sso enable

Enables single sign-on authentication for an SGD server.


tarantella sso enable


Enter the following information when prompted:

  • The single sign-on URL.

    This is the URL used to contact the Oracle Access Manager server. For example: http://oam-name:port-num, where oam-name is the name of the Oracle Access Manager server and port-num is the port used by Oracle Access Manager. The default port is 14100 for HTTP connections, or 14101 for HTTPS connections.

  • WebGate agent file locations, as follows:

    • WebGate instance directory

    • WebGate installation directory

    • webgate.conf

    WebGate file location settings can apply to all nodes in the array, or just the array member where the command is run.


To reconfigure single sign-on authentication, first use the tarantella sso disable --purge-config command to delete the current single sign-on configuration. See Section D.115, “tarantella sso disable”.

Enabling single sign-on authentication using this command automatically enables the third-party authentication mechanism.

This command restarts the SGD web server. Ensure there are no users logged in to SGD before running this command.


The following example enables single sign-on authentication for the array member where the command is run.

# tarantella sso enable