D.123 tarantella status

Reports SGD server information.


tarantella status
    [ --summary | --byserver | --server serv | --ping [serv]
      --originalstate ]
    [ --format text | xml ]
    [ --verbose ]


Reports SGD server information, including array details, the number of user sessions and application sessions running or suspended across the array, and how those sessions are distributed.

The command indicates if there are any clock synchronization issues for the array. You use the --byserver option to show the clock setting on each server in the array.

The command indicates if the array is in a repaired state. You use the --originalstate option to list the members of the array before it was repaired.

If there are problems with the array, the command shows the following information:

  • If the servers do not agree on the array membership, the output shows the array configuration as seen by every SGD server in the array.

  • If there are any other errors, for example a Secret Key Identification (SKID) authentication error, the command reports the error it received from the problem server.

The following table shows the available options for this command.




Summarizes the global information for the array. This is the default setting.


Displays detailed information for each server in the array.


Displays detailed information for the specified server. Enter a peer DNS name.


Specifies the output format. The default setting is text.


Performs a quick health check of all SGD servers in the array or a single specified SGD server.


If the server is in an array that is repaired, this option displays the original array members before it was repaired.


Displays the server health check and lists servers being contacted, before generating the command output.


The following example summarizes information about sessions across the array.

$ tarantella status

The following example reports detailed status information for the SGD server boston.example.com.

$ tarantella status --server boston.example.com

The following example reports the original status for a repaired SGD array.

$ tarantella status --originalstate