D.128 tarantella uninstall

Uninstalls SGD or the specified SGD packages.


tarantella uninstall { [ package... ] [ --purge ] | --list  }


Removes SGD or parts of it from your system, or lists the installed SGD packages.

If the SGD server is a member of an array, remove it from the array before you run tarantella uninstall. You can use the tarantella array command to do this.

The following table shows the available options for this command.




Specifies individual packages to uninstall. If no packages are specified, the command uninstalls all SGD packages. SGD currently installs as a single package.


If all SGD packages are removed, this option also removes all configuration information related to your organization. If --purge is omitted, configuration information is left intact.


Lists all SGD packages currently installed.


The following example completely uninstalls SGD, removing all configuration information.

# tarantella uninstall --purge