C.5 Discovering an SGD Gateway

For a single host Gateway deployment, where a single SGD server and an SGD Gateway are installed on the same host, you can use the tarantella discover command to discover the Gateway and configure the Gateway deployment automatically.

Use the following steps to discover and configure a single host Gateway deployment automatically.

  1. Install and configure the SGD server.

    Run the tarantella start command, as instructed by the SGD installation program.

  2. Install the SGD Gateway software.

    Run the gateway setup command, as instructed by the Gateway installation program.

  3. Stop the SGD server:

    # tarantella stop
  4. Stop the SGD Gateway:

    # /opt/SUNWsgdg/bin/gateway stop
  5. Discover and configure the SGD Gateway.

    On the SGD server, use the tarantella discover gateway command to discover and configure an SGD Gateway that is installed on the same host as an SGD server.

    # tarantella discover gateway --local
  6. Start the SGD server.

    # tarantella start
  7. Start the SGD Gateway.

    # /opt/SUNWsgdg/bin/gateway start