B.1 The gateway Command

Use the gateway command to configure and control the SGD Gateway.


The full path of the gateway command is /opt/SUNWsgdg/bin/gateway.


gateway start | stop | restart | config | server | status | setup | version | sslcert |
sslkey | cert | key | setup | uninstall | patch | connection


The available gateway commands are shown in the following table.



More Information

gateway start

Starts the SGD Gateway

Section B.28, “gateway start”

gateway stop

Stops the SGD Gateway

Section B.30, “gateway stop”

gateway restart

Stops and then restarts the SGD Gateway

Section B.16, “gateway restart”

gateway config

Configures the SGD Gateway, and updates the Apache reverse proxy configuration files

Section B.3, “gateway config”

gateway server

Installs SGD server security certificates and configures load balancing for the SGD array

Section B.17, “gateway server”

gateway status

Displays the current status for the SGD Gateway

Section B.29, “gateway status”

gateway version

Displays the version number of the SGD Gateway

Section B.32, “gateway version”

gateway sslcert

Exports and prints the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate in the client keystore

Section B.22, “gateway sslcert”

gateway sslkey

Manages the private key and certificate in the client keystore

Section B.25, “gateway sslkey”

gateway cert export

Exports the SGD Gateway certificate from the SGD Gateway keystore

Section B.2, “gateway cert export”

gateway key import

Imports a private key and certificate into the SGD Gateway keystore

Section B.11, “gateway key import”

gateway setup

Runs the SGD Gateway setup program

Section B.21, “gateway setup”

gateway uninstall

Uninstalls the SGD Gateway software

Section B.31, “gateway uninstall”

gateway patch

Installs, lists, and removes patches for the SGD Gateway

Section B.12, “gateway patch”

gateway connection

Shows status details for connections to the SGD Gateway

Section B.9, “gateway connection”


All gateway commands include a --help option. You can use this option to display help for the command.


The following example starts the SGD Gateway.

# /opt/SUNWsgdg/bin/gateway start

The following example means that the SGD server server.example.com is not authorized to use the SGD Gateway.

# /opt/SUNWsgdg/bin/gateway server remove --server server.example.com