B.29 gateway status

Displays the current status of the SGD Gateway.


gateway status [ --format text|xml|delimited ] [ --delimiter delimiter ]


This command shows status information for the SGD Gateway.

In normal usage, the command displays a status summary and indicates if the SGD Gateway is started, stopped, or if there is a problem.

Extended output from the command is available, showing a summary of connections for the Gateway. To view a summary of connections, you must enable authorized access to the SGD Gateway reflection service, as follows:

# /opt/SUNWsgdg/bin/gateway config enable --services-reflection-auth

You must restart the SGD Gateway to enable the configuration changes.

When the reflection service is enabled, you can use the available options for this command to format and filter the output as required.

The following table shows the available options for this command.




Output status data in the selected format. The default output format is text.

For delimited output, use the --delimiter option to specify a field delimiter.


Output status data using the specified field delimiter. For example, use a comma (,) for CSV output.


To view detailed connection statistics for an SGD Gateway, use the gateway connection command. See Section B.9, “gateway connection”.


The following example displays extended status information for the SGD Gateway, including a summary of connections.

# /opt/SUNWsgdg/bin/gateway status

Total no. connections: 10
Accepting secure connections
Uptime: 00:00:15

AIP Connections (5/512):
  - sgd2.example.com (2)
  - sgd1.example.com (3)
WebSocket Connections (3/512):
  - sgd2.example.com (2)
  - sgd1.example.com (1)

HTTP Connections (2/100):
  - sgd2.example.com (2)

The following example outputs status information in XML format.

# /opt/SUNWsgdg/bin/gateway status --format xml