1.4 Upgrading the SGD Gateway

This section describes how you upgrade the SGD Gateway.

When you upgrade the SGD Gateway, most of your original configuration such as keystores and routing proxy configuration files are preserved. There is no need to reconfigure the Gateway after upgrading.

Current settings for IPv6 support are preserved. When upgrading an IPv4 Gateway, an installation prompt asks whether you want to enable IPv6 support.

An upgrade log is created at /opt/SUNWsgdg/proxy/var/log/upgrade_oldversion_newversion.log, where oldversion is the old version of the SGD Gateway, and newversion is the upgraded version of the SGD Gateway.

When you upgrade, the SGD Gateway continues to use any customized Apache web server files and reflection service configuration files. These files are listed in the upgrade log. After upgrading, you may need to manually upgrade your customized files. Use a utility such as diff to compare files and show the changes made.

Changes made to the Gateway logging properties file, /opt/SUNWsgdg/proxy/etc/logging.properties, are not preserved on upgrade.

1.4.1 How to Upgrade the SGD Gateway

  1. Make sure no user sessions and application sessions are running through the SGD Gateway.

  2. Install the new version of the SGD Gateway.

    See Section 1.3.1, “How To Install the SGD Gateway”.

    When you run the SGD Gateway setup program, your current configuration settings are used automatically.