B.34 tarantella gateway add

Registers an SGD Gateway with an SGD array.


tarantella gateway add { 
                        --name server-name 
                        --certfile cert-file 
                        } | --file file


The following table shows the available options for this command.




Name of the SGD Gateway to register.


SGD Gateway certificate used by the SGD server. The certificate can be in Definite Encoding Rules (DER) or PEM format.


A batch file containing configuration settings for multiple SGD Gateways.


The following example adds gateway1.example.com to the list of registered gateways for the SGD array.

$ tarantella gateway add --name gateway1.example.com \
--certfile /opt/gateway1_cert_file.pem

The following example uses the --file option of tarantella gateway add to register multiple gateways at the same time.

$ tarantella gateway add --file gateways.list

The --file option specifies a batch file, gateways.list, that contains a line of settings for each gateway, as follows:

--name gateway1.example.com --certfile /opt/gateway1_cert_file.pem
--name gateway2.example.com --certfile /opt/gateway2_cert_file.pem