B.33 The tarantella gateway Command

Use the tarantella gateway command to configure authorized gateways for an SGD array.


tarantella gateway add | list | remove | token


Using the tarantella gateway command, you can add, remove, and list the gateways for an SGD array.

The tarantella gateway command can be used on any SGD server in the array. Any changes you make are automatically replicated on other array members.

When an SGD server joins an array, the set of gateways defined on the primary SGD server is copied to the new array member, overwriting any authorized gateways already present. Registered gateways are not deleted from an SGD server when it is detached from an array.

The available subcommands for the tarantella gateway command are shown in the following table.



More Information


Adds an SGD Gateway for an SGD array

Section B.34, “tarantella gateway add”


Lists the SGD Gateways for an SGD array

Section B.35, “tarantella gateway list”


Removes an SGD Gateway for an SGD array

Section B.36, “tarantella gateway remove”


Shows the SGD user session ID for a specified Gateway token digest

Section B.37, “tarantella gateway token”


All tarantella gateway subcommands include a --help option. You can use this option to display help for the subcommand.


The following example adds gateway1.example.com to the list of registered gateways for the SGD array.

$ tarantella gateway add --name gateway1.example.com \
--certfile /opt/gateway1_cert_file.pem