You run the baseline_update script to process production data and distribute the resulting index files to one or more Dgraphs. Production data may come from any number of sources including data extracts, CAS crawls, or direct calls to a database via ODBC or JDBC.

To run a baseline update with production data:

  1. Ensure that the Endeca HTTP Service is running on each server in the deployment environment and that you have already deployed and initialized an application.

  2. Replace the default Forge pipeline (Developer Studio configuration files) in <app dir>/config/pipeline with the Developer Studio configuration files for your application. For details, see Replacing the Default Forge Pipeline.

  3. Replace the baseline test data stored in <app dir>/test_data/baseline with production data for the application. This step varies depending on your application requirements. It can include any of the following approaches:

  4. Start a command prompt (on Windows) or a shell (on UNIX).

  5. Navigate to the control directory of deployed application.

    This is located under your application directory. For example: C:\Endeca\apps\<app dir>\control.

  6. Set the baseline_data_ready flag in the EAC by running the set_baseline_data_ready_flag script.

  7. Run the baseline_update script.

  8. Examine the indexed data in a Guided Search front-end application.

    For example, start a Web browser and open the JSP reference application at http://localhost:8006/endeca_jspref.

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