Applies to aggregate storage databases, or to block storage databases when hybrid aggregation is enabled. Specifies the maximum size of the formula cache to be made available for calculating members with formulas.


MAXFORMULACACHESIZE [appname [dbname]] n


If the amount of cache that Essbase sets aside for calculating members of outlines is insufficient, the following error is generated: "ERROR - 1200601 - Not enough memory for formula execution. Set MAXFORMULACACHESIZE configuration parameter to [n] and try again." The error recommends a value to use with the MAXFORMULACACHESIZE setting.

Error 1200601 is likely to occur in situations where one dimension's dynamic calculations would expand beyond the current formula cache size setting.

If you see error 1200601, the following guidelines can help you determine what value to use for n:

  1. Identify which queried dimensions are represented by dynamic members.

  2. Multiply the sizes of those dimensions to get a number of members.

  3. Multiply the number of members by 8 to get the recommended n value (not more than 4G).

For example, the default formula cache size of 1024 allows 1024/8=256 members to be in the cache.




Sets the aggregate storage formula cache size maximum to 2048 KB for every application and database.

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