1.1 About Oracle R Enterprise

Oracle R Enterprise is a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Oracle R Enterprise is comprehensive, database-centric environment for end-to-end analytical processes in R, with immediate deployment to production environments. It is a set of R packages and Oracle Database features that enable an R user to operate on database-resident data without using SQL and to execute R scripts in one or more embedded R engines that run on the database server.

Using Oracle R Enterprise from your local R session, you have easy access to data in an Oracle Database instance. You can create and use R objects that specify data in database tables. Oracle R Enterprise has overloaded functions that translate R operations into SQL that executes in the database. The database consolidates the SQL and can use the query optimization, parallel processing, and scalability features of the database when it executes the SQL statements. The database returns the results as R objects.

Embedded R execution provides some of the most significant advantages of using Oracle R Enterprise. Using embedded R execution, you can store and run R scripts in the database through either an R interface or a SQL interface or both. You can use the results of R scripts in SQL-enabled tools for structured data, R objects, and images.