Starting Standby Database for Read Only With Apply Fails with ORA-1406 Error

BUG 20866996

If an Oracle Data Guard standby database is manually set to use real time apply with an open mode of READ ONLY WITH APPLY, when Oracle Fail Safe attempted to execute an IsAlive poll against the database, the poll would fail and the following error was posted in the Windows application event log:

Oracle Fail Safe resource TestDb failed to poll database.
ORA-1406: fetched column value was truncated

Oracle Fail Safe did not allocate enough space for the open_mode column which resulted in the ORA-1406 error.

This problem has been corrected. The space allocated for fetching the open mode is increased to accommodate the READ ONLY WITH APPLY string. In addition, Fail Safe now properly starts and poll a standby database that is using the READ ONLY WITH APPLY open mode.