Validate Group Fails with an FS-11412 Error

BUG 20662774

If a failover cluster was upgraded to Oracle Fail Safe release 4.1.1 using a rolling upgrade any existing cluster group (role) TNS listeners were considered invalid by the group Validate function. An error similar to the following was returned:

FS-10300: Verifying Oracle Net listener resource OracleOraDB12Home1TNSListenerFslGroupName
FS-11412: The listener OracleOraDB12Home1TNSListenerFslGroupName entry is not found
FS-11414: The TCP address list of listener OracleOraDB12Home1TNSListenerFslGroupName is incorrect

The same error was returned if the TNS listener's cluster resource name was modified. Oracle Fail Safe 4.1.1 derived the listener name from the cluster resource name instead of using the name stored in the resource private properties. This could result in the incorrect name being used for the TNS listener

This problem has been corrected. The listener's name is now fetched from the resource private property which ensures that the correct listener name is used, regardless of the name of the listener cluster resource.