6 Validating a Group

A group validation process checks that the selected group is configured correctly. Over time, as your system becomes more complex and hardware and software configurations change, you may find that resource dependencies have changed. The Validate action makes it easy to restore the configuration of the Oracle Resources to working order. When you use the Validate action, Oracle Fail Safe attempts to correct any configuration problem it finds. It is not necessary to validate a group immediately after you create it, but it is done in this lesson to demonstrate the operation.

Using the Validate Group Command

Click on the desired group in the tree view and then select the Validate action from the Actions menu in the right pane.

Viewing Progress

As the Validate operation is applied clusterwide and involves numerous steps, it can take a few minutes to complete. Oracle Fail Safe Manager displays the progress of the operation to you in a progress window.

When the operation is complete, click OK in the Cluster Operation Status window and Close in the Validating group "Group 1" window.