4 Validating a Standalone Single-Instance Database

The Validate Standalone Database operation ensures that the standalone database is configured correctly on its node and removes any references to the database which may exist on other cluster nodes, before adding the database to a group. (References to the database may exist on other cluster nodes if the database was added to a group and then later removed.) This ensures that the database can be made highly available using Oracle Fail Safe.

Using the Validate Standalone Database Command

Perform the following steps:

  1. Select the TestDb database.

  2. Select Validate from the Actions menu of the Oracle Resources view.

    You can also right-click the resource in the Available Oracle Resources list to view actions at Available Resource level and select Validate.

Using the Validate Standalone Database Dialog Box

If the operating system authentication is enabled, Oracle Fail Safe shows the Enter Database SYS Account Password window. Use this window to confirm that you have SYS account privileges to validate the sample database. When this window opens, enter the password for the SYS account.

Viewing the Progress of the Clusterwide Operation

Oracle Fail Safe displays the results of the Validate Standalone Database operation. (During the operation, a message window may ask to start the TestDb instance. If this message is displayed, click Yes.)