This guide provides guidelines and recommendations for setting up Oracle Communications Convergence in a secure configuration.


This document is intended for installers, system administrators, or software technicians who work with Convergence. This guide assumes you are familiar with the following concepts:

  • GlassFish or Oracle WebLogic Server administration

  • Convergence Server administration

  • System administration and networking

  • General deployment architectures

Related Documents

For more information, see the following documents:

  • Convergence Installation and Configuration Guide: Describes the requirements for installing Convergence.

  • Convergence System Administrator's Guide: Describes how to monitor and manage Convergence.

  • Convergence Customization Guide: Describes how to customize the look and feel of Convergence.

  • Convergence Release Notes: Describes any known issues for Convergence.


The following conventions are used throughout the document.

Convention Meaning
Oracle certified application server GlassFish Server and Oracle WebLogic Server are the certified application servers on which Convergence is supported. Oracle certified application server is used in this document to refer to either of the two application servers.

Note: Convergence is additionally supported on Oracle WebLogic Server from release onwards.

Secure communications Usage of secure communications in this document is referred to Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

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