The image sigcc_3v_003.png illustrates Oracle AVDF with only the Audit Vault Server and Agent components deployed (without a Database Firewall).

At the bottom, center of the image, there is an Audit Vault Server icon.

At the top left, two icons represent users and applications. Several arrows point from the users and applications to three database icons at the top right. Next to these database icons there is a text box labeled "Databases," with a small icon representing the Audit Vault Agent. The box labeled "Databases" lists Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, IBM, and Mircrosoft. An arrow, labeled "Audit Data" points from the databases to the Audit Vault Server.

On the lower right of the image there is a text box labeled "Other Systems," which lists OS, Directory Services, File System and Custom Audit Logs. An arrow labeled "Audit Data, Event Logs" points from this text box to the Audit Vault Server.

At the bottom left, to the left of the Audit Vault Server, a user labeled "Auditor" is depicted. Between this user and the Audit Vault Server are three icons representing Reports, Alerts, and Policies.