The Proxy Without Network Separation mode of the database firewall deployment allows clients to connect through the database firewall. It also allows the clients to connect to the database directly, without a single point of failure. This option to route around the database firewall is less secure and does not assure that it captures all traffic without additional network changes. The static routing is supported to allow separation between client and database sub networks. In this case the client and database have to be on the same sub network.

The upper part of the diagram consists of two blocks. The left block has icons of Oracle Audit Vault Server, database firewall, and the switch. The Oracle Audit Vault Server and the database firewall are linked to the switch at the bottom. The Switch icon is then connected to the Network Router icon below.

The second block on the right is of the database network. It contains one icon of the switch which is connected to one or more Databases on one side and the multiple clients at the bottom. The switch icon is then connected to the network router icon below.

The block below the network router is the client network. It consists of multiple clients. The clients connect to the database network through the switch in the client network through the network router. The network router is located between the database network and the client network. It is also connected to the switch in the management network.