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Installing and Configuring an Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4 Environment

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Updated: November 2019

Overview of Installing the Software

The following task map lists the tasks that you perform to install software on multiple-host or single-host global clusters. Complete the procedures in the order that is indicated.

Table 3  Task Map: Installing the Software
Plan the layout of your cluster configuration and prepare to install software.
Install the Oracle Solaris OS on all nodes and optionally on an administrative console and a quorum server. Optionally, enable Oracle Solaris I/O multipathing on the nodes.
(Optional) Install pconsole software on an administrative console.
(Optional) Install and configure a quorum server.
(Optional) Configure internal disk mirroring.
(Optional) Install Oracle VM Server for SPARC software and create domains.
Install Oracle Solaris Cluster software and any data services that you will use.
(Optional) Install Oracle HSM software.
Set up directory paths.
(Optional) Configure the Packet Filter feature of Oracle Solaris.


Caution  -  The /var/cluster.sav/ directory is created and used during current and future Oracle Solaris Cluster installation, update, and uninstallation operations. This directory and its contents are for Oracle Solaris Cluster internal use only, and must not be deleted by the user. User removal of this directory, or any of its contents, would pose a high risk of compromising the cluster during any future installation, update, or uninstallation of Oracle Solaris Cluster software.