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Planning and Administering Data Services for Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4

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Updated: November 2019

Creating a Resource Group

A resource group contains a set of resources, all of which are brought online or offline together on a given node or set of nodes. You must create an empty resource group before you place resources into it.

The two resource group types are failover and scalable. A failover resource group can be online on only one node at any time, while a scalable resource group can be online on multiple nodes simultaneously.

The following procedures explain how to use the clresourcegroup command to create a resource group. See the clresourcegroup(8CL) man page for more information.

For conceptual information about resource groups, see Planning for Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Services and Concepts for Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.4.

Note -  You can also use the Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager browser interface to create a failover or scalable resource group. For Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager log-in instructions, see How to Access Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager in Administering an Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.4 Configuration.