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Planning and Administering Data Services for Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.4

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Updated: November 2019

How to Concentrate Load Onto Fewer Nodes in the Cluster

Setting the Concentrate_load property to FALSE causes the cluster to spread resource group loads evenly across all available nodes in the resource groups' node lists. By default, the Concentrate_load property is set to FALSE.

If you set this property to TRUE, the cluster attempts to concentrate resource group load on the fewest possible nodes without exceeding any configured hard or soft load limits.

Note -  When specifying Concentrate_load=TRUE, if a resource group RG2 declares a ++ or +++ affinity for a resource group RG1, avoid setting any nonzero load factors for RG2. Instead, set larger load factors for RG1 to account for the additional load that would be imposed by RG2 coming online on the same node as RG1. This will allow the Concentrate_load feature to work as intended. Alternately, you can set load factors on RG2 but avoid setting any hard load limits for those load factors. Set only soft limits. This will allow RG2 to come online even if the soft load limit is exceeded.

You can only set the Concentrate_load property in a global cluster; you cannot set this property in a zone cluster. In a zone cluster, the default setting is always FALSE.

  1. Assume the root role on one active node of the cluster.
  2. Start the clsetup utility.
    phys-schost# clsetup

    The clsetup menu is displayed.

  3. Choose the menu item, Other cluster tasks.

    The Other Cluster Tasks Menu is displayed.

  4. Choose the menu item, Set the concentrate_load Property of the Cluster.

    The Set the Concentrate Load Property of the Cluster Menu is displayed.

  5. Type yes.

    The current value of TRUE or FALSE is displayed.

  6. Type yes to change the value.
  7. Type yes to proceed with the update.
  8. Press the Return key to return to the previous menu.

    The Other Cluster Tasks Menu is displayed.