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Reference for Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.4

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Updated: August 2018

scha_get_fullname (3HA)


scha_get_fullname - return the cluster node name in which a resource group executes


scha_err_tscha_get_fullname(const char *zonename, char **fullname)


The scha_get_fullname() function returns the logical node name of a zone context on the local node. The out-parameter fullname is set to a string containing a cluster node name. The string needs to be freed by the caller.

If zonename is NULL, the zone context depends on where this call is executed.

  • If executed in the global zone, it returns the local node name.

  • If executed in a zone cluster, it returns the zone-cluster node name, not the global-cluster node name.

If zonename is non-NULL, this is meant to be called in the global zone on behalf of a resource configured in the non-global zone specified by zonename.If zonename is the name of a zone cluster, which is also the name of the underlying non-global zone, it returns the zone-cluster node name.

If this function is called from a resource callback method and the zonename parameter is set to the output of the scds_get_zone_name() function, the resulting fullname will match the current entry in the resource-group node list in all cases:

  • Global cluster or zone cluster

  • global_zone resource type or normal resource type

Return Values

This function returns the following values:


The function succeeded.


The function failed.



The function succeeded.

See scha_calls(3HA) for a description of other error codes.


Example 1 Using the scha_get_fullname() Function

The following example uses scha_get_fullname() to obtain a fullname string representing the nodename context in which the current program is executing, and searches for this name in the resource group's node list:

       #include <scha.h>
       #include <libdsdev.h>

       main(int argc, char *argv[])

               scha_err_t        err;
               scds_handle_t     handle;
               char              *myzonename;
               char              *fullname;
               const scha_str_array_t  *rgnodelist;
               uint_t            ix;

               if (scds_initialize(&handle) != SCHA_ERR_NOERR) {
                       /* handle the error */
               myzonename = scds_get_zone_name(handle);
               rgnodelist = scds_get_rg_nodelist(handle);
               err = scha_get_fullname(myzonename, &fullname);
               for (ix = 0; ix < rgnodelist->array_cnt; ix++) {
                       if (strcmp(fullname, rgnodelist->str_array[ix]) == 0) {
                               /* found this node in the node list */


See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability

See Also

scds_calls(3HA), scds_initialize(3HA), scha_cluster_getnodename(3HA), attributes(7)