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Developing Data Services

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Updated: August 2018

Agent Builder Overview

Agent Builder provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for specifying information about your application and the kind of resource type that you want to create. Agent Builder supports network-aware applications and non-network-aware applications. Network-aware applications use the network to communicate with clients. Non-network-aware applications are standalone applications.

Note - If the GUI version of Agent Builder is not accessible, you can access Agent Builder through a command-line interface. See How to Use the Command-Line Version of Agent Builder.

    Based on the information you specify, Agent Builder generates the following software:

  • A set of C, Korn shell (ksh), or generic data service (GDS) source files for a failover or scalable resource type that corresponds to the resource type's method callbacks. These files are intended for both network-aware (client-server model) and non-network-aware (clientless) applications.

  • A customized Resource Type Registration (RTR) file (if you generate C or Korn shell source code).

  • Customized utility scripts for starting, stopping, and removing an instance (resource) of the resource type, as well as customized man pages that document how to use each one of these files.

  • An Oracle Solaris SVR4 package that includes the binaries (if you generate C source code), an RTR file (if you generate C or Korn shell source code), and the utility scripts.

Agent Builder also enables you to generate a resource type for an application that has multiple independent process trees that the Process Monitor Facility (PMF) must monitor and restart individually.