The Agent Deployment Summary table that is shown is the Agent Deployment Details table, which is a table with five columns. The column heads in order are Deployment Phase Name, Status, Error, Cause, and Recommendation. In this example, the prerequisite error is listed in the Deployment Phase Name column, which is the first column in the table. The error is on the check '" In the Status column, which is the second column in the table, there is a blue circle. This icon indicates an uncompleted step. In the third column, titled Error, the error message is "The script was not run because the user did not have the privilege to run as root using the Privilege Delegation tool". In the fourth column, titled Cause, there is no cause listed. In the fifth column, titled Recommendation, the recommendation is as follows: Manually run the following scripts on the remote host as a root user: /u01/app/agent/rac05box2_7801_x3/core/