The Agent Deployment Summary table that is shown is the Remote Prerequisite Check Details table, which is a table with five columns. The column heads in order are Prerequisite Check Name, Status, Error, Cause, and Recommendation. In this example, the prerequisite error is listed in the Prerequisite Check Name column, which is the first column in the table. The error is on the check, "Do you have the privileges to run as root using the Privilege Delegation tool?" In the Status column, which is the second column in the table, there is a yellow triangle with a black exclamation point in the middle. This icon indicates a check warning. In the third column, titled Error, the error message is "The 'requiretty‘ flag is set in the sudoers file on the remote host, and as a result, the user will not be able to run sudo over ssh". In the fourth column, titled Cause, there is no cause listed. In the fifth column, titled Recommendation, the following recommendations are listed, using two bullet points: Bullet point one: "Either set the 'oracle.sysmanprov.agentpush.enablePty' property to true in the /uo1/app/middleware_x3/oins/sysman/prov/agentpush/ file, which is present on the OMS host, or disable the 'requiretty' flag in the sudoers file. Bullet point two: You can also ignore this warning and continue, in which case the any preinstallation or postinstallation scripts specified with run as root enabled will not run and you have to run them manually after installation.