The table that is shown is the Remote Prerequisite Check Details table, which is a table with five columns. The column heads in order are Prerequisite Check Name, Status, Error, Cause, and Recommendation. In this example, the prerequisite error is listed in the Prerequisite Check Name column, which is the first column in the Remote Prerequisite Check Details table. The error is on the check, “Is the installation or base directory or the agent home already registered with the inventory. In the Status column, which is the second column in the table, there is a red circle with a white X in the middle. This icon indicates a check failure. In the third column, titled Error, the error is described as follows: The Agent Oracle Home or Install Base Directory is already registered with the inventory. In the fourth column, titled Cause, the cause is described as follows: Expected result: New Agent Oracle Home should not be registered with inventory. Actual Result: Agent Oracle Home with same value /u01/app/agent/rac05box2:7801/core/1/ exists. Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed. In the fifth column, titled recommendation, the recommendation is described as follows: Either change the Install Base Directory or Uninstall the Agent Oracle Home that registered with inventory.