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There are several Infrastructure as a Service clouds that are capable of supporting a PeopleSoft environment. Of those available, the Oracle Cloud has clear advantages that make it the preferred platform to run PeopleSoft Applications. The following are the advantages customers will gain by running PeopleSoft on the Oracle Cloud.

Availability of PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

  • PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is a cloud application available from the Oracle Marketplace designed to help migrate and administer PeopleSoft applications on the Oracle Cloud. It is not available on AWS or other non-Oracle cloud platforms.
  • Features provided by the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager
    • Automated Lift & Shift of your PeopleSoft environments from on-premise instances to the Oracle Cloud
    • Reusable descriptions of resources that will be used to deploy PeopleSoft Applications (commonly referred to as Templates)
    • Self-service deployment of PeopleSoft Applications, so new environments can be created by any approved user, including non-IT staff
    • Backup and cloning of PeopleSoft Applications into re-deployable resources
    • Management utilities to monitor, pause and terminate deployed environments
    • Automated download of PeopleSoft updates posted to MyOracleSupport, including PeopleSoft Update Images, PeopleTools Patches and Application PRPs.
    • Helps automate and manage application maintenance and PeopleTools patches and upgrades
    • Built-in best practice support to leverage the strengths of the Oracle Cloud
    • Simplified provisioning includes deployment and configuration of Elasticsearch
    • Added benefit of COBOL deployment and compilation
    • Automated monitoring setup using Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • For more information on the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, please visit the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Key Concept Page (

Pre-built Applications Images Available from the Oracle Marketplace

  • Pre-built PeopleSoft environments that are used for upgrades, applying maintenance and running demos are available on the Oracle Marketplace. A simple point-and-click provisioning of these environments means that they can be up and running in the cloud in a matter of minutes.

The Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) and the Exadata Cloud Service (ExaCS)

  • PeopleSoft applications work with DBCS and ExaCS to help simplify the management of the database

Oracle Support:

  • Oracle Support has established processes for collaboration across different product teams designed to promote quicker resolution of issues.
  • "Single Throat to Choke" so any problem with your PeopleSoft deployment, across application technology and infrastructure, is the responsibility of Oracle

Cloud Testing

  • Oracle tests PeopleSoft applications on the Oracle Cloud and does not test on AWS or other cloud platforms.

Technology Advantages from Oracle as the Leading Provider of Enterprise Cloud Services

  • End-to-end technology stack engineered together and optimized for the cloud
  • Integrated full set of cloud services including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Seamless monitoring and change management of a hybrid cloud (single pane of glass)
  • Dedicated team of experienced PeopleSoft resources available via Oracle Managed Cloud Services (OMCS) to provide value-added management services across the entire solution
  • Lower total cost of ownership compared to other vendors
  • High supportability due to a single vendor offering and standardization of solution components

Partner support

  • There are many PeopleSoft partners that are actively working on programs to help customers migrate PeopleSoft Applications to the Oracle Cloud