Changing Hive table properties

This topic describes how to change the value of the skipAutoProvisioning property in a Hive table.

When a Hive table has a skipAutoProvisioning property set to true, the BDD Hive Table Detector will skip the table for data processing. For details, see DP CLI overview.

You can change the value of skipAutoProvisioning property by issuing an SQL ALTER TABLE statement via the Cloudera Manager's Query Editor or as a Hive command.

To change the value of the skipAutoProvisioning property in a Hive table:

  1. From the Cloudera Manager home page, click Hue.
  2. From the Hue home page, click Hue Web UI.
  3. From the Hue Web UI page, click Metastore Manager. As a result, you should see your Hive tables in the default database, as in this example:
    Hive tables in default database
  4. Verify that the table has the skipAutoProvisioning property:
    1. Select the table you want to change and click View. The default Columns tab shows the table's columns.
    2. Click the Properties tab.
    3. In the Table Parameters section, locate the skipAutoProvisioning property and (if it exists) verify that its value is set to "true".
  5. From the Metastore Manager page, click Query Editors > Hive.
    The Query Editor page is displayed.
  6. In the Query Editor, enter an ALTER TABLE statement similar to the following example (which is altering the warrantyclaims table) and click Execute.
    An example of the ALTER TABLE command with "skipAutoProvisioning" set to FALSE
  7. From the Metastore Manager page, repeat Step 4 to verify that the value of the skipAutoProvisioning property has been changed..
An alternative to using the UI is to issue the ALTER TABLE statement as a Hive command:
hive -e "ALTER TABLE warrantyclaims SET TBLPROPERTIES('skipAutoProvisioning'='FALSE');"