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Table of Contents

Configuring a SALT Application
Configuring Oracle Tuxedo Web Services
Using Oracle Tuxedo Service Metadata Repository for SALT
Defining Service-Level Keywords for SALT
Defining Service Parameters for SALT
Configuring Native Oracle Tuxedo Services
Creating a Native WSDF
Using WS-Policy Files
Generating a WSDL File from a Native WSDF
Using Oracle Tuxedo Version-Based Routing (Inbound)
Configuring External Web Services
Web Console SALT Configuration
Manual SALT Configuration
Using Oracle Tuxedo Version-Based Routing (Outbound)
Configuring Multiple Bindings
SALT Inbound Services
SALT Outbound Services
Creating the SALT Deployment File
Importing the WSDF Files
Configuring the GWWS Servers
Configuring System-Level Resources
Configuring Advanced Web Service Messaging Features
Web Service Addressing
Web Service Reliable Messaging
Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM)
Configuring Security Features
Configuring Transport-Level Security
Configuring Message-Level Web Service Security
Configuring SAML Single Sign-On
Configuring X.509-Based Authentication
Compiling SALT Configuration
Configuring the UBBCONFIG File for SALT
Configuring the TMMETADATA Server in the *SERVERS Section
Configuring the GWWS Servers in the *SERVERS Section
Updating System Limitations in the UBBCONFIG File
Configuring Certificate Password Phrase For the GWWS Servers
Configuring Oracle Tuxedo Authentication for Web Service Clients
Configuring Oracle Tuxedo Security Level for Outbound HTTP Basic Authentication
Configuring SALT In Oracle Tuxedo MP Mode
Migrating from SALT 1.1
Running GWWS servers with SALT 1.1 Configuration File
Adopting SALT 2.0 Configuration Style by Converting SALT 1.1 Configuration File
Configuring Service Contract Discovery
tpforward Support
Service Contract Text File Output
Configuring SALT WS-TX Support
Configuring Transaction Log Device
Registration Protocol
Configuring WS-TX Transactions
Configuring Incoming Transactions
Configuring Outbound Transactions
Configuring Maximum Number of Transactions
Configuring Policy Assertions
Policy. xml File
WSDL Generation
WSDL Conversion
Viewing and Modifying SALT Configuration
SALT Mainframe Transaction Publisher
SOAP Inbound (Mainframe Transactions Exposed As A Web Service)
REST Inbound
SOAP Outbound (Mainframe Invoking An External Web Service)
REST Outbound
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