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Overview of the Oracle Tuxedo CORBA Environment

Overview of the Oracle Tuxedo CORBA Environment
This topic includes the following sections:
Technical support for third party CORBA Java ORBs should be provided by their respective vendors. Oracle Tuxedo does not provide any technical support or documentation for third party CORBA Java ORBs.
Introduction to the Oracle Tuxedo CORBA Environment
The CORBA environment in the Oracle Tuxedo product is based on the CORBA standard as a programming model for developing enterprise applications with high performance, scalability, and reliability. Oracle Tuxedo CORBA extends the Object Request Broker (ORB) model with online transaction processing (OLTP) functions. The Oracle Tuxedo CORBA deployment infrastructure delivers secure, transactional, distributed applications in a managed environment.
CORBA objects built with the Oracle Tuxedo product are accessible from Web-based applications that communicate using the CORBA Object Management Group (OMG) Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP). IIOP is the standard protocol for communications running on the Internet or on an intranet within an enterprise.
Oracle Tuxedo CORBA has a native implementation of IIOP, ensuring high-performance, interoperable, distributed-object applications for the Internet, intranets, and enterprise computing environments. You can build integrated enterprise applications using multiple programming models. CORBA and Application-to- Transaction-Monitor-Interface (ATMI) applications can be developed with fully integrated transaction management, security, administration, and reliability capabilities.
The interoperability technology incorporated into Oracle Tuxedo CORBA provides for scalable connectivity between the CORBA and WebLogic Server environments. For information on interoperability see BEA Tuxedo Interoperability in the Oracle Tuxedo online documentation.
Figure 1‑1 illustrates the Oracle Tuxedo CORBA environment.
Figure 1‑1 Oracle Tuxedo CORBA
The following sections outline the features of the CORBA environment.
Features of the Oracle Tuxedo CORBA Environment
The CORBA environment in the Oracle Tuxedo product provides the following set of features:
The remainder of this manual describes the programming environment for Oracle Tuxedo CORBA and the development process for CORBA applications.

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