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Table of Contents

Oracle Tuxedo 12c Release 2 (12.2.2) Release Notes
About This Oracle Tuxedo Release
What's New and Improved
Distributed Caching
Faster and Flexible Startup of Applications
Integrating Audit with Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS)
Integration with Oracle Access Manager (OAM)
Java Server Modules and Dynamic Configuration Reload
XA Transaction Enhancements
SNMPv3 Support
TLS v1.2/1.1 Support
New Service Management Console
Enhancements to RECORD Buffer Type
MSSQ Notification
Installer Enhancements
Statistical Trace in GWTDOMAIN
TMTRACE Enhancement
Jolt Enhancements
Deprecated Functionality
Jolt Repository
Oracle Tuxedo Administration Console
Upgrade Considerations
Supported Platforms

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