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Oracle® Exadata Storage Server X7-2 EF and HC Service Manual

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Updated: April 2019

Remove the Server From the Rack


Caution  -  The EF server weighs approximately 22.8 kg (50.2 lb). The HC server weighs approximately 30.5 kg (67.1 lb). Two people are required to unmount and carry the chassis.

  1. Disconnect all the cables and power cords from the server.
  2. Remove the cable management arm (CMA).

    For instructions for removing the CMA, see the Remove the Cable Management Arm in Oracle Exadata Storage Server X7-2 EF and HC Installation Guide.

  3. Extend the server to the maintenance position.

    See Extend the Server to the Maintenance Position.

  4. From the front of the server, pull the green slide-rail release tabs toward the front of the server, and pull the server out of the rack until it is free of the rack rails [1 and 2].

    A slide-rail release tab is located on each slide-rail.

    image:Figure showing the server being removed from the                                 chassis.
  5. Set the server on a sturdy work surface.

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