• In the Query Designer, Smart View generates a syntax error when you perform a descendants or top/bottom query on a member whose name contains a dot (.).

  • Calculation scripts that run from Essbase may not run from Smart View. This can happen if you have restricted calculation access in Smart View. Calculation scripts are run against the connected database.

  • When you perform an Undo, only the previously selected POV is saved, and recently selected members are removed.

    Workaround: instead of using Undo, use Pivot to POV, which will replace all members on that dimension to the POV.

  • When you perform Smart View operations in a Smart Slice and refresh, you may get an Assertion Failed error message if you try to close Excel by clicking the X in the upper right corner. The message is harmless; you can click OK to close it.

  • Using Find in the Member Select dialog box may cause Excel to perform excessively slowly or freeze if the dimension contains more than approximately 100,000 members.

  • If you use merged cells, you may encounter the following issues:

    • When there are merged cells in a row dimension, proper merging is not maintained when you zoom in on the top cell of the innermost row dimension.

    • When you use the Formula/Format Fill option with merged cells in a row dimension, Formula/Format Fill does not fill cells properly when you zoom in on the innermost row dimension.

    The POV must contain more than one dimension. If there is only one dimension on the POV, it will be pivoted to the grid when you refresh.

  • The Function Builder cannot distinguish among substitution variables with the same name.

  • Numerical values entered into cells that are outside the grid may be lost upon refreshing

  • If you add members in a column left of a column of blank cells, the new members may be lost after you refresh. This happens because the blank cells are not valid intersections.

  • If you are connected to an earlier version of Essbase, custom members that you create using Smart Query may not be applied when you switch from a Smart Query worksheet to ad hoc analysis.

  • Member names that contain a hash mark (#) may cause errors.

    Workaround: Do not use hash marks in member names.

  • Smart View does not support dual- monitor operation. For example, in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, the POV control in Smart Slices may not display properly when you are connected to more than one monitor.