Reporting and Analysis

  • Filters are not updated in POV toolbar after you edit them; however, data is changed successfully.

  • If you have an open Excel document when you export a Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting report in query-ready mode to Excel, the open Excel document will be overwritten without warning.

    Workaround: Save and close any Excel documents before exporting.

  • Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis reports imported from EPM Workspace to PowerPoint 2010 do not open correctly.

    Workaround: Save the report file as an HTML file. Then open directly in PowerPoint; do not try to import from Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace. This issue does not apply to versions of PowerPoint other than 2010.

  • When you export an Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting report from Internet Explorer into Smart View, the Smart View ribbon disappears in Excel.

    Workaround: Open Excel before exporting from Internet Explorer.

  • Autodeployment does not work for Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis release or earlier.