Client Installation

In the previous section, Server Setup, if you chose the OTN Option in Option B, then your users will be directed to OTN for the Smart View download. In that case, your users should follow the instructions for OTN download and installation in Installing from My Oracle Support or Oracle Technology Network.

If you did not choose the epmstatic Option or Web App Server Option in Option B, then complete the following procedure.

  To install the Smart View client:

  1. In Smart View, select Panel.

  2. Connect to a data source in one of the following ways:

    • Through a shared connection

    • Through a private connection with the following URL:

      • Essbase: http://<server>:19000/aps/SmartView

      • Planning: http://<server>:19000/HyperionPlanning/SmartView

      • Financial Management: http://<server>:19000/hfmofficeprovider/hfmofficeprovider.aspx

      • Reporting and Analysis: http://<server>:19000/raframework/browse/listxml


        If you are using Reporting and Analysis release or earlier, Smart View autodeployment will not work (10233672, 12870087).

  3. When the message “New Smart View client version available” is displayed, select Click here to Install.

  4. In the Internet Explorer browser that launches, in File Download, select Run.


    Internet Explorer will launch even if Firefox is your default browser.

  5. If a Microsoft Excel security warning is displayed, select Run.

  6. When prompted, confirm the upgrade; click Yes.

  7. The installation wizard is displayed; click OK.

    The installer is automatically displayed in the language set in the Format field of the Windows Region and Language dialog box in the Control Panel.

  8. If prompted, close all open Microsoft Office applications, and then click OK.

  9. In the installation wizard, click OK and follow the prompts to install Smart View.

  10. When installation is complete, click OK.

    The Smart View ribbon is displayed the next time you open Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.

  11. Open Excel.

  12. On the Smart View ribbon, select the arrow next to Help, and then select About.

  13. Verify the new version of Smart View.