About Installing Help Locally or on a Web Server

After installing Smart View, the online help is accessed from a URL hosted on the Oracle.com web site. This is the default behavior for Smart View, and no changes are required by users to launch help.

However, you may require that the help be installed locally or on a web server in your organization. Some examples for the need to access help from a location other than Oracle.com are:

  • Help files must be installed on a local drive on an individual's computer for Section 508 accessibility purposes.

  • Internet access limitations; for example, your users only have access to URLs on your organization's intranet.

To accommodate the above types of cases, a help zip file can be downloaded from My Oracle Support. You unzip the help to a local drive or web server, and then modify the Smart View properties.xml file to point the help location.


Depending on your requirements, you may also want to specify the <helpurlcontext> tag in a shared connections XML file, as described in Setting Up the Shared Connections XML File of Accessing Shared Connections from an XML File. Refer to Optional Local Help Configuration via the Shared Connections XML File for more information.