4.28 Multiple HA Deployments on the Same Subnet Fails

If you try to deploy multiple OpenStack HA environments to the same subnet, the deployment may fail during the haproxy deployment step, with an error similar to:

TASK: [haproxy | Waiting for virtual IP to appear] 
msg: Timeout when waiting for ip_address:3306 

This is caused by having the same HA keepalived ID (virtual_router_id) on the management networks for each deployment. The default ID is 51. Each deployment requires a unique ID to successfully deploy.

Workaround: For each deployment, make sure you set the virtual_router_id deployment parameter to a unique ID, then (re)deploy.

  1. On the master node, change the virtual_router_id to a unique ID, for example:

    $ kollacli property set virtual_router_id 10 
  2. On the master node, (re)deploy OpenStack services to the target nodes:

    $ kollacli deploy

Bug: 22826409