4.26 Issues When Upgrading to Docker Engine Version 1.10

When you update to Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux Release 2.1, you upgrade the Docker Engine to version 1.10. You might experience the following issues when you upgrade the Docker Engine:

  • In Release 2.1, the OpenStack Docker images are built using Docker version 1.10. These images cannot be deployed to a host that runs Docker Engine version 1.9 or earlier.

    Bug: 22963639

  • After you upgrade a host to Docker Engine version 1.10, it can take a while for the Docker service to restart. This is because Docker performs a migration on existing containers and images to convert them to the new content-addressable storage used in version 1.10. If you downgrade the Docker Engine to version 1.9, the migrated Docker images and containers cannot be used.

    Bug: 22931204

  • When you import images to the Docker registry using the import_to_registry.sh script and the host runs Docker Engine version 1.10, you see a lot of warnings that the -f flag is deprecated. You can safely ignore these warnings.

    Bug: 22915568