Chapter 4 Known Issues

Table of Contents

4.1 Neutron Networking Not Working After Updating to the Latest Release
4.2 VM Network Degradation When Using VxLANs
4.3 Docker Fails with IP Firewall
4.4 Nova Container Fails to Start
4.5 The nova_iscsid Container Fails to Start
4.6 VNC Console Fails on Oracle VM Server
4.7 HVM Instances do not Boot from Flavors with Swap Space on Oracle VM Server
4.8 HVM Instances do not Boot with CDROMs on Oracle VM Server
4.9 HVM Instances do not Boot with config-drive Option on Oracle VM Server
4.10 No Log Files for HVM VMs on Oracle VM Server
4.11 Ceilometer does not Capture Disk Usage or NIC Metrics for Oracle VM Server
4.12 Ceilometer with MySQL 5.7 Fails to Deploy
4.13 Cannot Reset Root Password Using nova root-password on Instances
4.14 Nodes in a RabbitMQ Cluster Must Be Resolvable With Their Short Host Name
4.15 NFS Drivers Not Supported For Cinder Volumes
4.16 NFS Backend to Cinder Backup Requires NFS 4.1
4.17 Unable to Manage Network Namespaces from a Network Node
4.18 Murano Cannot Access External Network
4.19 Murano Fails to Deploy on Oracle Linux
4.20 Errors in Swift Object Auditor Logs
4.21 Live Migration not Supported with Oracle Linux KVM Compute Nodes
4.22 Multiple Container Configuration Files Not Supported
4.23 Post-Deployment Configuration Changes Are Not Automatically Copied to Containers
4.24 Glance Images Remain on Disk After a Node is Destroyed
4.25 Nova Instance Cache Remains on Disk After Instances Destroyed
4.26 Issues When Upgrading to Docker Engine Version 1.10
4.27 Deployment Fails With a "Command Failed" Error
4.28 Multiple HA Deployments on the Same Subnet Fails

This chapter lists the known issues and any workarounds for Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux in this release.

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