Chapter 2 New Features and Changes

In addition to updates and bug fixes from the upstream Kilo release, the following new features, changes, and bug fixes are included Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux Release 2.1:

  • Oracle VM Server hypervisor.  Support for the Oracle VM Server hypervisor on 64-bit x86 platforms (x86_64) for compute nodes.

  • Ceilometer.  Support for the Ceilometer telemetry service.

  • Changes to System Requirements.  Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux Release 2.1 requires a version of Docker which requires that you configure a system to boot with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4 (UEK R4). The UEK R4 kernel includes the Open vSwitch kernel module and you no longer have to install this separately.

  • Enhancements for deploying and updating OpenStack services.  The following changes and enhancements for deploying and updating OpenStack services have been made:

    • There is a new kollacli upgrade command. The command prepares all hosts so that they are ready for a new release of Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux and deploys updated OpenStack Kolla containers.

    • It is now possible to deploy Heat and Murano services to a custom standalone group. Previously these services could only be deployed to a controller node. (Bug: 22319782)

    • The kollacli setdeploy local command is no longer supported as single-node deployments (sometimes referred to as all-in-one deployments) are not supported.

  • Configuration Enhancements.  The following enhancements have been made to the OpenStack configuration:

    • The kollacli property list command has been updated to show all the available Kolla properties and their values. By default, only the properties with values of less than 50 characters are shown. You can change the maximum number of characters shown by setting the KOLLA_PROP_LIST_LENGTH environmental variable. Alternatively, you can use the new --all option, which lists all properties regardless of their length.

    • The kollacli property list command has a new --long option which enables you to list properties and their values, showing whether the value overrides the default and the original default value.

    • The kollacli property set command has new --groups and --hosts options which enable you to set group-specific and host-specific properties. The same options are also available for the kollacli property list and kollacli property clear commands, and enable you to list and clear group-specific and host-specific properties. For detailed information about setting properties, see Setting Properties for Groups or Hosts.

    • The kollacli password set command now prompts you to confirm the password value.

    • Automatic hypervisor detection. When you deploy the Nova compute service to a node, the hypervisor is detected and the virt_type option in the [libvirt] section of the nova.conf configuration file is configured automatically. See Automatic Hypervisor Configuration for details.

    • Support for iSCSI multipath. You can enable iSCSI multipath support by setting the nova_iscsi_use_multipath property to true. If this property is set to true, the nova_multipathd container runs on compute nodes and enables iSCSI initiators to use multiple paths to the iSCSI LUNs (the Cinder volumes).

  • Changes to Data Containers.  In previous Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux releases, all OpenStack services that needed to store data persistently stored their data inside a dedicated Docker data volume container. This meant that OpenStack data was not easy to back up and that the data containers could not be updated.

    In Release 2.1, the OpenStack data containers bind-mount a directory in the /var/lib/kolla directory on the host instead. For example, the nova_data container mounts the /var/lib/kolla/var/lib/nova directory on the host as /var/lib/nova. This means OpenStack data is now stored directly on the host, making it easier to back up and restore. The required directories in /var/lib/kolla are created automatically when you deploy Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux.

    When you update to Release 2.1, the data previously stored in the data volume containers is copied to the /var/lib/kolla directory on the host. The data containers are updated to use the latest Docker image and are configured to bind-mount the required directories in /var/lib/kolla. This preserves your existing data. The data stored in the following locations is not affected by these changes:

    • /var/lib/glance used by the Glance image service (the glance_api container deployed on controller nodes).

    • /etc/iscsi used by the Nova compute service (the nova_iscsid container deployed on compute nodes).

    By default, when you destroy hosts with the kollacli host destroy command, the data in /var/lib/kolla is not removed unless you specify the --includedata option.

  • Fixes to Known Issues.  The following known issues have been fixed:

    • The log files for the nova_libvirt container are now available using the docker logs command (Bug 21966891).

    • The iSCSI ZFS driver for Cinder is now supported (Bug 21954155).

    • When you create a VLAN network in Horizon, the default physical network is now named physnet1. In previous releases, it was named default (Bug 21912215).

    • The genisoimage package is now included in the nova_compute container. This enables you to boot instances with a configuration drive attached (Bug 22476727).