39.14 Viewing Managed Host Services

With Host Services, you can see which services are managed by the operating system and the state of the services. This is useful when you want to quickly identify which services are in need of attention and the state of services that are important to you.

Host Services monitors and displays the services running on a host. You can view the current state of a service. However, you cannot create, delete, or modify the properties of a service. Fault Management Resource Identifier (FMRI) identifies each service on the system.

The following are the service states:

  • Running: The service is running.

  • Stopped. The service is either disabled or offline and the service is not running.

The Host Services page displays the service state, the number of spawned process identifiers, and the spawned process identifiers (PIDs).

  1. Click Hosts from the Targets menu.
  2. Click the host name from the list of managed hosts to display the Summary page for that host.
  3. Click the Second dashlet series button below the dashlets to view a chart summarizing the current status of services.
  4. Click the Host Services tab on the right side of the user interface to view details of the services.
  5. The default view is to display stopped services. Click the radio button to change the view. For Oracle Solaris, the options are: Offline, Online, or All. For Linux, the options are: Stopped, Running, or All.
  6. Click a number to view the spawned process identifiers (PIDs.)