22.8 Configuring Software Library on a Multi-OMS System

Oracle recommends that you configure each OMS Shared Storage Location to use a shared or mounted file system path. Doing this will ensure that this newly configured location remains accessible from any OMS host as and when they are added. All upload and stage requests for the files will happen through the Management Agent monitoring the OMS host.


Starting with Enterprise Manager 12c, use the EM CLI utility to migrate files across upload locations of different storage types. To migrate files from an OMS Shared storage location to an OMS Agent storage location, use the EM CLI verb remove_swlib_storage_location. The same verb supports the reverse action as well. Alternatively, you can also use the Cloud Control UI. For information about how to use the Cloud Control to migrate files across storage locations, see Removing (and Migrating) Software Library Storage Location.

If however, you have configured the OMS Shared storage location to use a local file system path, then you must migrate it to another OMS Shared Storage Location that uses a shared or mounted path. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In Cloud Control, from Setup menu, select Provisioning and Patching, then select Software Library.
  2. On the Software Library Administration page, add a new OMS Shared storage location by specifying a name (for example: NewShared), and a shared file system path.
  3. On successful completion, select the location you want to migrate, (For example: OldNonShared), and click Migrate and Remove.
  4. In the popup dialog box, select the new OMS Shared File System as the storage plugin type, and the new OMS shared storage location (NewShared) as the destination to migrate the files.
  5. Click Remove to submit a job, which on successful completion deletes the storage location entry from the table.