34.8 About the Photorealistic Image of the Hardware

The Hardware View tab in the main window displays a photorealistic view of compatible hardware, including the front, top, and rear, and a table view of the hardware's components.

Select Photorealistic View to display the photorealistic view of the hardware. Components with incidents are outlined in red.

You can click any component displayed in the photorealistic view to view additional information about that component. The following information is displayed if it is available and relevant to the component:

  • Component Name

  • Manufacturer

  • Serial Number

  • Part Number

  • Total Cores: The number of cores for a CPU

  • Enabled Cores: The number of enabled cores for a CPU

  • Size: The size of memory components in GB

Select Table to display a table of the hardware components. The following information is displayed for each component:

  • Slot Number

  • Component Name

  • Component Type