30.4 Sending SNMP Trap Notifications

Using the Enterprise Manager notification system, you can share Enterprise Manager event information with other SNMP-enabled third-party applications through SNMP traps. Enterprise Manager supports the SNMPv1 protocol for sending traps. For example, you might want to send event information as traps to a third-party applications from Enterprise Manager when one of the following events takes place:

  • a certain metric has exceeded a threshold (metric alert event)

  • a target is down (target availability event)

  • a job fails (job status change event)


    For a full list and description of Enterprise Manager event types, see Event Management.

Using SNMP traps with the notification system is a matter of:

  1. Defining a notification method that uses an SNMP trap. For more information, see Sending SNMP Traps to Third Party Systems.
  2. Assigning the notification method to a rule. You can edit an existing rule or create a new incident rule. For more information, see Setting Up Rule Sets.

30.4.1 About the Management Information Base (MIB)

While SNMP allows Enterprise Manager to send information to third-party SNMP-enabled applications, there might be situations where you want SNMP-enabled applications to obtain information from Enterprise Manager. This is accomplished with the help of MIB variables, and by signing up for SNMP traps. Details of the trap contents can be obtained from the MIB variables.

For more information about the MIB, see Management Information Base (MIB) and Interpreting Variables of the Enterprise Manager MIB.


A valid Diagnostic Pack license is required to use the Enterprise Manager MIB variables.