19.5 Management Servers

A Management Server is a composite target consisting of multiple Enterprise Manager Management Services.

The Management Servers page displays the list of Management Services, their status, incidents, the loader throughput, CPU usage, and the JVM memory usage metrics. In addition, the Management Services displayed can be filtered by Normal Mode, Console Only, PBS only and Standby Management Services.

Accessing the Management Servers Page

From the Setup menu, select Manage Cloud Control and then Management Services.

This page consists of the following sections:

  • Summary: Displays the high-level information about WebLogic administration server and Load balancer.

  • Job System: Displays information about the status of jobs over past time periods (such as the last 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours).

  • Servers: Displays information about individual Management Services of the Management Server.

  • Loader: Displays information that provides insight into the Loader subsystem performance as a whole.

    There are primarily 3 graphs as follows.

    • Throughtput (Rows processed per second): Indicates the rate (rows processed per second) at which the Loader is processing files.

    • Files Processed vs Backoff: Indicates the number of files processed versus backed off (rejected) by the Loader. Note: You should contact Oracle Support if consistent backoffs are being generated.

    • % Utilized Capacity: Sows the current Loader CPU utilization. If the Loader consistently runs at more than 85% capacity, contact Oracle Support to confirm whether your system capacity needs to be increased.

    To view detailed IP reports of Loader statistics, click the Loader Statistics link located below the graphs.

  • Incidents: This displays the incidents and problems that have occurred against individual targets hosting Management Services.