25.1 Overview

Management Agent patches are released to fix one or more errors related to Management Agent targets. You can patch Management Agents that are deployed on OMS hosts, as well as remote hosts. In Cloud Control, separate Management Agent patches exist for core components of Management Agents and Management Agent plug-ins.

You can apply Management Agent patches using the automated approach (that is, using patch plans) or the manual approach. Oracle recommends using the automated approach to carry out your patching operations. This approach not only saves time and effort while mass-deploying patches, but also reduces human intervention, thereby minimizing the errors involved while patching. For more information about this approach, see Automated Management Agent Patching Using Patch Plans (Recommended).

If you are unable to patch your Management Agent targets using patch plans, you can use the manual patching approach. However, this approach is not recommended. For more information about this approach, see Manual Management Agent Patching.